Develop Highly Secured M-Commerce App For Your Store


Currently, there are 4.7 billion mobile phone users across the globe and it will reach to nearly 5.07 billion in 2019, according to the Statista report, 2017. Moreover, one recent study done by StatCounter revealed that 51.3% of all web visits came from mobile devices compared to 48.7% of visits from traditional computing platforms in 2016.

These latest stats show that the utility of mobile phone has been increased tremendously in the past and will continue to grow more in the near future and every other organization’s goods or services, whether it is small or big, would be accessible through mobile phones. Even the former president of Coca-Cola, Wendy Clark said that “If your plans don’t include mobile, your plans are not finished.”

M-commerce industry is currently at the boom. It is the use of wireless handheld devices such as cellular phones and laptops to conduct commercial transactions online. Even in India, we have currently more than 1 Billion mobile subscribers, and the same is expected for payments and business transactions on mobile. In FY 2016, India m-payment reported INR 8.2 Trillion worth of transaction value; and it is expected that it would grow at a CAGR of 150% during FY 2016 to FY 2022, reaching INR 2205 Trillion – ASSOCHAM. These stats reveals the change in recent trends of online shopping and paying bills through m-wallets or using mobile banking instead of cash on the delivery process.

M-payments and mobile wallets are getting more popular across the globe for the transaction purposes. So, it is most important for any m-wallet company to build apps for their customers which is highly secured and store credibility of consumers in the system. Here are the few tips for the developers to develop highly secured m-commerce app:

Here are the few tips for the developers to develop highly secured m-commerce app

Secure Code

It is very important to secure the code of mobile app to prevent the malware attacks. Mobile malware often taps vulnerabilities or bugs in the design and coding of the mobile applications they target. According to the research of Kindsight in 2013 shows that malicious code is infecting more than 11.6 million mobile devices at any given time. The count must have been increased by now.

Secure User Account

User accounts need to be secured and can be accessed only after proper authentication and authorization of the user. User should be able to enter his/her credentials to access their account.

Secure transactions

WAP (wireless Application Protocol) that enables m-commerce and empowers mobile users with wireless devices to easily access and interact with information and services instantly. It ensures the following:
(i) confidentiality, achieved by cryptography,
(ii) authentication, achieved by digital certificates,
(iii) integrity, achieved by digital signatures, and
(iv) non-repudiation, achieved by digital signatures and certificates.

Secure payment system

A payment gateway is an interface that securely connects your customer to the payment system. You can embed a payment gateway by using a payment processing framework with a secure SDK that helps user to store his credibility in the system and the usage of app will be increased in the future.

As this indus­try con­tin­ues to grow and evolve, the impor­tance of pro­tect­ing mobile appli­ca­tions will only become more and more preva­lent. And to develop your m-commerce appli­ca­tion prop­erly secured, there are a wide vari­ety of options in the mar­ket today such as pen­e­tra­tion test­ing, source code reviews, and black box/white box assess­ments. A num­ber of mobile app secu­rity alter­na­tives are avail­able for app developers India and India app development companies

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