How Mobile Apps Enhance Your Travel Experience


A Journey of Thousand Miles Begins with a single click

Travel and tourism industry is one of the world’s fastest growing industry, thanks to the technology and high-speed internet.

Earlier it was too costly and time-consuming process to find out new and best holiday places and to book tickets for it because travelers had to reach out to various travel agency/counter and meet them personally but now the scenario has been changed.

Either you want to travel within the country or outside of it, tickets can be booked online at anytime, anyplace. Mobile bookings have given a boost to online bookings too.

Due to the high accessibility of smartphones, it has become a favorite tool for travelers to book their tickets online.

According to Frederic Gonzalo, Senior Marketing Expert, Social Media and online Tourism, Mobile bookings in travel have grown by 1700% between 2011 and 2015, moving from 1% to 18% of online revenues and even 85% of international travelers have some kind of mobile device with them while traveling.

Mobile app of traveling has been the icing on the cake for the travelers as well as for the travel and tourism industry. Travel-related apps rank as the 7th most downloaded type of apps.

An amazing fact is that 60% of the total 1.75 billion smartphone users worldwide has downloaded travel-related apps and 45% of the same group is going to use mobile apps to plan future holidays.

Mobile apps have increased traveler experience in many ways. Travelers use travel apps as a medium for online ticketing, hotel booking, getting destination details, locating local attractions and food outlets; exploring new destinations; finding reviews about a destination they plan to visit; sharing pictures from their travel; posting feedback on a destination, airline, hotel or event.

Here are the few reasons why development of travel apps is important for traveling business and why traveler chooses mobile apps to look for the new places and to book their tickets using the app:

Reasons why development of travel apps is important for traveling business

Travel Sophistication
It is UX of traveling app that makes traveler experience hassle-free and awesome. Travelers don’t need to stand in a queue for hours to get their confirmed tickets now. Mobile apps have given such a power to travelers that they can book their tickets with just a few clicks within minutes. They can track their itinerary as well.

Cheaper, and more Cheaper
Mobile apps give their users a lot of discounted coupons, amazing offers, freebies, cash back and much more. Online tickets have been sold at much more lower prices than usually. Customers are more attracted and lured to heavy discounts provided on online tickets. Hence, more and more customers are attracted and more revenue has been generated for travel and tourism industry.

Advent of tablets and Smartphones
Owing to growing demand and competition, mobile companies have come up with affordable Smartphones, Androids, and tablets. More and more people are downloading and using travel apps which offer a convenient solution to fulfill all their travel needs. Brick and mortar travel offices, guidebooks, leaflets, and compass have been replaced by fully-featured mobile apps accessible to travelers anytime anywhere.

Apps are a direct channel to users round the clock and round the globe
Users remain connected to mobile apps before and after the travel. Companies can use the latest technologies to analyze users’ interests, needs and expectations through their browsing history on the app and may offer customized holiday packages to their customer according to their budget and requirements. This will also help in planning future marketing campaigns. Another useful feature employed by most travel apps is feedback and suggestions section by which company can avoid negative publicity and develop an intimate relationship with its customers.

 Apps are convenient and portable
Travelers just need to install mobile apps and Voila!! They can use the app features and get access to thousands of places, hotel rooms, taxis and much more. They don’t need to carry guidebooks, phone numbers, and maps. The apps can be linked to geo-location-enabled services like Google maps and GPS to provide maps, directions and even last-minute route diversions to unfamiliar locations. Even the pictures of hotel rooms, traveling places can be scrolled on the app to provide a better picture of overall traveling experience of other travelers.

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