How to Keep Your Users Hooked on Your Mobile App

Increase in the usage of mobile applications and rise in technology, it is difficult to keep the users engaged with your app. Why is it difficult? As now 2,800,000 Android apps and 2,200,000 iOS apps are available on Google Play and Apple app store and demand and supply of new apps are always on the rise. Now, deleting and downloading other apps is the easy option for them as users have end number of apps or alternatives similar to yours.

And it becomes challenging to keep your users engaged in your app and it is equally important to keep your users hooked to your application as the development of app.

Here are the 7 key points to be considered while development or to upgrade the mobile app that will keep your users engaged with your app:

a) Customer Service

Exceptional customer service is the most important key to unlock the mystery of customer engagement. Every user wants to get maximum benefit and satisfaction where they spend their time and money. Your users will only stick to your app if they are satisfied with your services and your app solve their purpose.

What can app development company do to increase user engagement?

App development companies can develop In-app engagement screen. In-app engagement screen is a screen where the users can go and get all the information about the app and the company or the person or keep users engaged with new updates, videos and automated emails, messages, push notifications. Adding a chat feature in the app also increase user engagement as this help users to easily reach out the company’s customer support team for any queries.

b) Performance and Execution

Development of a successful mobile application requires ample amount of skills and implementation process. For the success of the app, it should perform explicitly because user found good performance more enjoyable and efficient and keep the users engaged with your app. A mobile app should be easy to use and shouldn’t sidetrack the current resources in a mobile device.
There are certain things which keep the user engaged with your app should not drain the mobile battery fast, if there are any loopholes they should be improved through regular updates, an app should have user-friendly features like quick action buttons, allow using your app in ‘lite mode’.

c) Speed

In the fast moving world of technology “Speed” is everything. And for mobile apps, an average smartphone user expects that an app should open in 1 second. When your app has unique features and a zappy speed to offer, your customer is here to stay as it has been seen most of the users switch to other apps or uninstall the app if it takes time to open or not speedy. So, it is important to optimize it and get rid of any lag and it is better to avoid too much heavy content as this will slow the app.

d) Website Reflection

A mobile app needs to be equipped with features that provide users the convenience of using it anywhere be it on mobile or desktop. App developers must apprehend that customers using your website regularly would expect the same navigation categories and search option while surfing the website through smartphones.

e) Simple Login Method

When it comes to logging in an app, this is the first stage where you either win or lose your user’s interest even before they start using your app. It’s called onboarding process which simply means account creation or login process, onboarding process should be simple and clean. Now how a developer can simplify this process? The solution is very simple people love options, give your user option to log in via Facebook or Google account or as a guest user. And after this step, you may ask them to create their account and profile. This is really important, as onboarding process help in turning your visitors into customers.

f) GPS locators

GPS locators enable the mobile app to determine the location of the user which in turn facilities the users in a number of ways. Like, your user can get to know about the offers available in their city at the right time so they can avail the benefits of these offers. And it also reduces the unnecessary efforts in placing the order as the locator will auto pick the address and if the user wants to get the order delivered to a particular location they need not to input their location and makes it is also convenient for the delivery boy to reach the destination hassle free.
Moreover, GPS locator also helps you to fetch the information in the few seconds and provides you the information of all stores, restaurants, hospitals etc nearest to you anytime when you are on the road trip or in the unknown city.

g) Rewards and Incentives

Everyone loves rewards, incentives. And this can become a reason to visit your app at least once every day. Offer your loyal customers virtual goodies, timely rewards, incentives in the form of promo codes, loyalty points or cash back schemes. This is the best way to increase the user engagement and even promote your app. And soon you will see the benefits reaped from it as you can see the increase in daily traffic.

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