Impact of Mobile App Customisation on Business

Mobile Applications become the essential part of our everyday lives. With the massive growth in mobile apps, enterprises of all sizes are embracing mobility like never before. For the different sets of users, mobility may sound differently, the typical users may be concerned about the general apps which help them to accomplish simple day to day tasks like making calls, scheduling appointments, location tracking, making notes etc.

But if we talk about the organization, they are concerned about improving employee productivity and how easily they can do the core business operations. Moreover, business users are particularly intrigued by the prospect of having the mobile serve as another revenue generating channel. Enterprise mobile application is ruling the roost and develop rapid inroads into every business realm to automate and streamline the business processes by providing the flexibility of users to work from anywhere, anytime.

For example, Finance Department could encompass several key functions such as accounting, payroll, taxation. treasury etc with mobile apps. With the help of mobile apps finance department aims to automate and integrate all the above key processes, overall efficiency, cut costs and helps in effective decision-making.

To deliver the desired results, mobile apps may typically integrate with the organization’s server or an ERP at the backend to process the data. A generic finance mobile app cannot solve the requirements of Finance and Accounting Department for every company.

With the exponential rise in enterprise mobile apps, most of the organizations evaluate the pre-packaged mobile apps to meet the growing demand. And it has been seen that the pre-packaged mobile apps are generic in nature and fails to meet the diverse requirements of each and every business.

Why? Because, every company has their own distinct accounting and financial workflows based on the business requirement, convenience and the way their companies are positioned in the market. And this is the major challenge in front of the mobile app developer is how far their enterprise mobile apps can address the distinct business processes of companies.

The solution is “App Customization” where a mobile app offers flexibility for customization to take care of the diverse business needs of any company and offer flexibility for customization to take care of diverse business needs. And it creates a need for a platform/SDK that gives them the ability to quickly fine-tune the pre-packaged app to meet business requirements include:

Changing the business logic
deleting or modifying existing fields
Security customizations and more…

From the business point of view, it becomes a costly proposition for companies to embark customization as organizations need to spend millions of dollars to develop an app for their business. In such scenario, outsourcing is the best option for countries like India. India has the fastest growing IT industry and develops your app at affordable rates. Mobile app development companies in India are expert in developing apps and work with clients all over the world and keep themselves updated with the latest technology and developed a revolutionary product for your business.

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