5 Key Ingredients That Affects the Cost of App Development

In this age of transmigrating, brooding is not possible without mobile, electronic tablet, laptop, iPod, gadgets etc. We can do almost everything with smartphone application from booking the tickets to the payment of bills all things can easily manage with the mobile apps. Today’s small, medium or large enterprises are thinking of developing apps for their enterprises. But the prime question arises here which factors and features affect the cost of app development most.

To develop an app, you not only need to hire the app developers and experts who know well about the code but you have to know well about the factors that affect the cost of app development.

Here are the 5 vital ingredients that affect the cost of app development

a) Custom add-ons

Add-ons integration affect the cost of app development, How? When we are developing a customer-centric app, we want to increase our traffic so that we can increase our ROI. And with the integration of each add-ons cost of app development increase depends on the add-on you want to use. For eg., Social media integrations like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn have robust API’s so these custom add-ons add the additional price in the app development.

b) Security Features

This is essential to integrate secure login with secure access. And user authentication and authorization increase the cost of app development, if we are developing an enterprise apps we have to integrate secure login with secure access and this requires some extra efforts and coordination between the application development team and the enterprise system development team to ensure seamless integration and thus the cost of app development will increase.

c) Operating System

Device and operating system for which we are developing the mobile app also affects the cost of app development. For example, if we want to develop the app which runs across all the platforms than the cost of app development would be less but the development of a separate app for each platform like iOS, Android, Windows etc. add cost and efforts in app development process.

d) The 25-50-25 rule

As per this rule, first 25% of the whole app development process involves discovery, defining app functionality, understanding business flow, development of screen mockups or we can say this is simply prototyping step.
Second, 50% efforts are dedicated to designing and technical development of the application that includes the enterprise system integration and development team does all testing and debugging of the application.
And the final 25% involves a full integration of application includes usability testing, the artifacts, screenshots, descriptions and more. And the cost of this rule differs from one application to another.

e) In-app Purchase

To attract more users, in-app purchase is an effective medium. And in this method, users have to pay extra for these purchasings and this will lead to the app development cost we are adding the functionality of in-app purchases to the customers.

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