Streamline Your Event Business with Mobile App

In this ever rising competition in the event business, event management companies think about how to plan, organize and execute every event perfectly. Event management companies can’t depend upon printed agendas, checklists, and all that chaos, it’s time to go mobile to save time and money.

Today’s we use mobile apps to manage our work efficiently and attendee check in and engagement is switching toward mobile app. Management of big events can be a daunting task but it can be made simpler by developing an efficient event management app.

Event Management apps not only help in planning and tracking the innumerable activities that have to be carried as part of a single event but can manage multiple events scheduled in the same week or month.

While preparing for the big event, a lot of costs in printing agendas or schedules and all these become obsolete if information changes. Before mobile apps, event managers often print lot of banners and signs which can be used only for one event but with the help of mobile apps they can make provide all the information about the events as venue of event, maps, directions, and user can get all the information with push notification on their mobile phones and they can register and make payments from their devices.

Moreover, social media is also a boon to use apps at your event. Like if you have a photo booth, users can upload photos from it, use event hashtags and with this an app can collect those photos for you. And this is a great way to engage everyone at the event. Use creative ways to reach your attendees and an app should allow your attendees to communicate with you in real time like if there is a DJ or a band playing on the event evening, make sure user can demand or tell through the app what they want to hear.

Let’s have a look at the top 6 benefits of using event management application to carry out event related activities:

1) Communication

With the use of the app, it becomes very easy to collaborate with all people who are part of the event. It also saves time in communication because everyone can convey you through email and text any time which can be viewed through application dashboard. Communication through chats can happen in real time and can be used to carry out video conferencing with participants or your employees involved in organizing the event.

2) Manage Multiple events

Mobile apps help in managing multiple events as with just one click on the particular event you can see the whole progress in the event, what is going on and what is left or the whole status of the event and can also command your employees any time. And event managers can input updates for an event as and when required and can inform about this to concerned employees.

3) Create Event Page and Track Sales

The mobile app enables you to develop an attractive page for your event and go live with it. People who are interested in attending the event can sign up to that page and can purchase tickets. An event page can be used to effectively market your event to its audience.

d) More Organized

Event management mobile app acts like a single platform where you can store details of your different events, to create schedules, and the list of activities to be carried for an event, all details about speakers, performers, location, directions. And you can access all the information you require any time about any event. Proper organization of details leads to avoid confusion and errors which usually are the result of mismanagement of event activities.

e) Budget and Profit overview

Mobile app helps you to give an overview of the budget for any event and enable you to track spending. With the integration of ticket sale functionality on the app, you can retrieve all information on ticket sales which assist you to find out exactly how many tickets were sold for an event, if any event were not successful or popular then it help organizers in how to cut down the costs in next similar event.
Also help you to know about the audience that what kind of crowd, age, gender prefer what kind of events and this information is used to cater audience needs and requirements.

f) Customizable

Mobile apps are completely customizable as we can add as many modules according to event management needs and type of event we are organizing like charity, rock concerts, celebrity events, political events etc. Through the mobile app, we can customize dashboard, events projects, groups as per our needs.

As event management app assist you in organizing all activities of the event and provide your company event analytics. And it will be a smart decision if you develop an app for your event business but for this, it is important to choose expert mobile application developer for iOS, iPhone, and Android. If you are looking for reasonable and quality mobile app developers then go for mobile app development outsourcing as India is fastest growing IT sector so you can hire top app developers from India.

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