Top 5 Hot Trends in Enterprise Mobile App Development for 2017

Enterprise app becomes an integral part of every company’s digital strategy. These applications have enabled digitization of data and eliminate the need for endless paperwork. Also, enterprise apps have made data access simpler.

There has been a lot of changes observed in enterprise app development. Old trends are lost and technology has evolved with time. To meet the growing needs of companies it is important for enterprises to incorporate the newest trends for gaining a competitive edge, improve agility and productivity.

Here are the Top 5 Trends in Enterprise Mobile App Development:

1. Security

Mobile app security is the major concern for mobile app developers as we are living in the digital world and the risk of cyber attacks has been rising which leave no traces behind and bring the downfall of the companies.
Mobile app developers should understand the risks associated with security of an app as study reveals in since last few years 86% of the mobile applications have experiences authentication, confidentiality, and access control issues. 52% of them face issues like cross-site scripting, SQL injection and much more. So, it’s time to take security seriously and businesses will strive for finishing the security gaps and incredible customer experience.

2. Data Management

Data management become a serious challenge for enterprises as it has been identified that irrespective whether in the form of cloud integration, mobile security or management software enterprises are directing their resources and efforts towards mobilizing and managing company data. Now, enterprises are learning to use data which help them in improving operations and customer service and this makes them rely more and more on mobile apps for delivering timely information to customers. Empower employees with real time access to data through mobile devices to take quick and informed decisions.

3. Responsive and Adaptive

Responsive Design becomes a need of enterprises apps. Also, we can not compromise with adaptive interfaces on experience. Responsiveness should be an inbuilt feature. Moreover, it has been revealed that Google is giving the special responsive badge to responsive web apps and websites and offers higher SEO page ranks as encouragement.

4. Data Storage to Cloud

Mobile apps need to be fluid and to be accessible on different devices both desktop and mobile. For this, data storage hold great importance to give user uniformed experience across multiple platforms. Cloud storage sync will ensure the easy access to store real time data across devices in one repository. In 2017, mobile apps will be managed on cloud platforms as cloud brings flexibility to develop enterprise class mobile apps for use of multiple devices. Cloud app development speed up the development process by offering readily available tools which result in shortening time to market.

5. SQL Comeback

From the last few years, we have been talking about NoSQL databases like Cassandra and MongoDB. No doubt, these solutions amazing because of the flexible data modeling but SQL has also learned to scale out. Users can simply add commodity nodes instead of bulking up a database server. To analyze a large amount of data, the popular analytics tools demand SQL.

So, these are the top 5 hot trends in enterprise mobile app development. The best Indian app programmers working on these trends as they know to keep their clients ahead in the competition it is imperative to live with mobile app development strategy. Now, enterprises know the importance of mobile apps and they move to mobile app development for Android and iOS in India for their business. Outsource app development to countries like India is best decision to take by enterprises because India has fastest growing IT industry and provides mobile app solutions at affordable rates.

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